About NovaOliva

Why Olisur grows 7 varieties of different olives?

Olives, like other fruit flavors and aromas, develop differently, depending on the variety and environmental conditions in which they grow. For example, the oil is a diametrically different from Coratina oil to Arbequine oil.

At each harvest, Olisur separately processes the fruit of each variety and source field. As a result, at the end of each year we have many different oils, each with its own sensory qualities. From this rich range of oils, our expert taster, Italian Duccio Morozzo, defines mixtures and blends, and gives life to a new season.

What most distinguishes Olisur from other olive oil brands?

Olisur has 100% control of the production process. We grow and harvest the olives, then process them in our state-of-the-art mill. Each stage of the process, from the olive tree to the oil in the bottle, is made ??with meticulous care and we can guarantee the highest quality in each of our products. A critical factor in the development of the oil, is the speed with which the harvested olives enter the process. At Olisur, we always make sure that the process is completed within 4 hours from harvest, which means that the acidity levels achieved are the lowest you can find on the market.

The world's big brands of olive oil are not from producers. Most of them buy bulk oil from third parties, from different countries, and only provide the bottling and marketing. This model does not allow for good control of the crop or the process, the key to obtaining a quality oil.

What is the difference between Premium and Classic lines produced under the brand Nova Oliva?

They differ in two ways:  The olive varieties that compose the blend, and the degree of maturity at the time of harvest.

Our "Classic" oil is a blend composed of Arbequina and Arbosana, both Spanish, which can be harvested at a medium maturity. These varieties are known for delivering high-quality oils and lightly fruity intensity. In addition, these varieties stand out as being very productive and easy to grow, as compared to other varieties. The Classic blend is a rich and attractive oil for the olive oil beginner. Its flavor and aroma notes includes almond, with slight herbal touches, while the bitterness is very soft.

The "Premium " is obtained from olives harvested with a low level of maturity and is composed of Frantoio ( Italian) , Koroneiki (Greek ) , Coratina (Italian) and Arbequina (Spanish) olives. The first three are more complex varieties to grow, that require particular climatic conditions. The result is a stronger oil, with clear notes of fresh grass, floral sensations and touches of tomato with marked bitterness and sharpness that are fairly balanced.

How to know if Olisur oils meet the requirements of the "Extra Virgin "?

Olisur Olive oils meet or exceed the requirements of Extra Virgin.


COI Standard

Nova Oliva


Less than 0.80%

Between 0.12% and 0.17%


Less than 20 meq/kg

Between 4 and 8 meq/kg

Monounsaturated Fat

Higher than 50%

80% aprox.

Organoleptic Quality

No Defects

Total Absence of defects. Natural flavors of healthy and fresh olives, in different varieties, assembled blends seamlessly into harmonious and tasty.


 How important is the level of maturity of the olives at harvest time?

Choosing the right time to harvest depends on the oil you are looking for. Very ripe olives deliver a greater amount of oil, but will be flat and lacking in flavor. In addition, ripe olives have already lost important parts of its phenolic compounds, which, along with providing flavor and aromas, deliver the antioxidants in olive oil (the main source of health benefits).

In Olisur, we take care to harvest at the right time, sometimes sacrificing performance (numbers) in order to obtain a higher quality product, tasty and highly beneficial to the health of our customers.