Nova Oliva Classic

This extra virgin olive oil is a unique blend from selected olives (Arbequina and Arbosana, of Spanish origin) and produced in Colchagua Valley, the best region for olive trees in Chile.

With a soft fruity and very fresh scent, it possesses notes of almonds and artichokes. And tastes nice, soft, herbaceous and slightly spicy. Ideal for use in salads, pastries and fish, it is an oil that will conquer you.


Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Varieties: Arbequina, Arbosana.
Harvest time: May to June
Harvest Method: Mechanic
Extraction Method: Continuous Centrifugation.
Color: Golden Yellow with shades of green.


250 ml (8,5 Fl. oz.) and 500 ml ( 17 fl.oz.).